Percy Communications


Nothing speaks as loudly as results.

The following is a snapshot of a few of the hundreds of clients who have chosen to move their companies and organizations forward by engaging Percy Communications as their “strategic advisory partner”.

International Minerals Innovation Institute:

As an Independent Board Chair of IMII, duties include oversight of governance processes, chairing Board and Committee meetings, overseeing communications strategies and government relations with a Board of Directors comprised of high ranking mining companies, educational institutions and research organizations.

Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies:

As the Project Liaison, responsible for ensuring that SIIT interests were addressed during the development of a business case assessment on a unique and innovative training project that could fundamentally alter trades training by SIIT and its project partners.

Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners:

As Communications Advisor to the Commission, oversee media strategies and execute media communications for the Police Commission and the Action Accord, while initiating additional linkages to a wide range of groups that are vital to the process of “providing care for Saskatoon’s vulnerable citizens”.

Public Companies:

As a staff member and as an independent advisor, providing investor relations and strategic communications services for resource sector and other public companies, the target of which is sophisticated investors.

Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations:

As the communications advisor, recommended and implemented media relations strategies and wrote communications targeted to various audiences including provincial and national media as well as First Nations across Canada.

Business Development Groups:

Provided a complete range of planning and communications services to over 250 community-based and regional economic development groups, companies, First Nations, Tribal Councils, international corporations, cities, towns and villages across Saskatchewan.